Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ticketmaster Error – This time it hits Robbie Williams and his fans big time!

We all have witnessed different Ticketmaster errors from time to time, but this time it was surely huge, as it has not only troubled the fans to a large extent but it has broken their hearts and have also disappointed them to the masses. Other than that, this Ticketmaster error has also troubled the ever green Heart Throb Robbie Williams.
 What actually happened?
Robbie Williams is going to have a charitable show in Glasgow and Dublin and the fans were allowed to participate in the ballot, and at the end of the ballots winning fans were announced that who have won the tickets of his show, and it was all under the management of sent wrong email to the wrong destination, as the people who have actually applied for the Dublin tickets were told that they were successful in getting the tickets for Glasgow and similar things happen vice-versa, besides that a whole lot of people who didn’t won anything were also told that they have won tickets for the Robbie Williams show and when Ticketmaster got aware of the Situation it immediately halted the entire process and suspended it.
Why the problem had occurred?
Ticketmaster reported that it was a database error, however they are still not aware that how did such thing happen, as the entire process is completely automated.
Now What Ticketmaster is going to do next in regard to this “All – New” Ticketmaster error?
Besides that Ticketmaster also said they would communicate with everyone who was affected by the mistake and would be explained about the entire problem, but Ticketmaster is not sure yet that how many tickets were sent out mistakenly, and checking the entire system is also a time taking procedure, but they are planning to do that for sure. Other than that, Ticketmaster has apologized Robbie Williams as well as his fans who suffered quite much due to this huge Ticketmaster error. However people can buy tickets of other events in the same way they are doing, as this Ticketmaster error has not affected the entire website. So people who are willing to use their Ticketmaster Spinner in order to buy tickets off other events can do that freely and without any kind of trouble. These Ticketmaster Bot Software could be a good tool to keep safe from these errors.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

NBA and Ticketmaster to come up with their very own ticketing site

The news of NBA and Ticketmaster collaborated website is running wild these days and has it the top spot in the news line, and this is mainly because of the fact that this thing will surely hit the secondary ticket market like Stub hub badly, as it would drive the entire traffic of NBA fans from StubHub to the Ticketmaster Bot site, hence allowing Stub hub and other secondary ticket sellers to suffer when it comes to NBA events.
Why NBA has thought to take such type of initiative?
NBA has observed the current scenario in depth and has come to know that NBA fans as well as teams have been suffering a lot due to that, and this is because that majority of tickets are bought by ticket brokers with the help of different types of Ticketmaster bot software, and in the end these NBA fans had to buy these tickets from the Ticket brokers at almost 4 to 5 times more than the original price, which was surely a huge mess and in order to facilitate the teams as well as NBA fans, NBA decide to take such type of initiative and teamed up with Ticketmaster in order to make it a success.

NBA and Ticketmaster – Survey conducted by NBA:
As per the recent survey conducted by NBA, they found that more than 75% of the people who buy tickets of different events go to the main team sight first in order to buy their desired tickets, and normally they don’t find what they are looking for, and end up by buying tickets from secondary ticket selling websites like stub hub, and the worst thing is that stub hub charges a percentage from both the buyers and the sellers, however one of the best alternative for this can be going with Ticketmaster bot or Stub hub bot in order to buy tickets at the right price, but most of them end up buying tickets from ticket brokers or from these secondary ticket selling websites, therefore in order to overcome all such issues  NBA and Ticketmaster have joined forces to  overcome all such issues in the best possible manner.